10 Best Day Trips from Austin, Texas

10 Best Day Trips from Austin, Texas

Day trips are the best way to get out of a rut. They’re quick, they’re low commitment, and sometimes they are exactly what you need to shake things up.There are several great day trips from Austin, Texas ideal for a family adventure.

Austin is a great jumping off point for exploring the swimming holes and small towns of the Texas Hill Country。有点多个国际大都会的情绪?San Antonio和Waco既有轻松的一天,也是奥斯汀的一天。

Easy Day Trips from Austin


Devils Waterhole at Inks Lake in Texas
Devils Waterhole at Inks Lake | Photo by Tarlie Harris

大约1.5小时的奥斯汀西北,Inks Lakeis an ideal place for swimming, kayaking, hiking, and camping.It’s a 1200 acre park with nine miles of hiking trails.

Hike up a steep but short, pink granite hill to findDevils Waterhole。Spend the morning playing in the cascading pools of this part of the park. After lunch, rent a kayak or swim in a more open part of the lake.

The picnic area near the 280s campsites is one of the best places to access a nice swimming area. You can walk straight into the water from the grass and the bottom is flat and sandy.

2. New Braunfels

New Braunfels is one of the best day trips from Austin, Texas
Schlitterbahn Water Park Resort | Photo by Tarlie Harris


首先,原来Schlitterbahn Water Park这是一天的乐趣啊f the prettiest water parks in the country.Many of the slides and pools are nestled into the natural contours of the land, river, and old growth trees. This turns many seating areas into shady little slices of heaven in the summer.

想要更自然的管道体验吗?You can tube both the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers with one of many tour companies that will drop you off at one spot and pick you up later down river.

Make sure to fill up on German fare atFreisenhaus(one of the top 25 German Restaurants in America!) or the浮士福酒店和酿造公司在击中管子之前。

Don’t want to get wet?Landa Park.has a great view of the Comal and paddle boats, mini-golf, a playground, and a kiddie train.

天然桥梁洞穴和野生动物园offers cave tours, a ropes course, and zip line on the caverns side and a drive-through safari on the wildlife park side.

Having trouble motivating on a random weekend? Hold out for沃斯菲斯特! It’s a ten day sausage, beer, and music festival focused on all things Germ-Texan.


特拉维斯湖an easy day trip from Austin
Pace Bend Park | Photo by Tarlie Harris


Bob Wentz Park andWindy Point Park在湖的东端彼此相邻,两者都有大量的海岸线。Windy Point Park是私人拥有的,所以入场费更高,但湖边有更多的草地。

Pace Bend Parkis further west on the lake, but not necessarily further away, depending on where in Austin you are coming from.直接进入来自汽车的海岸线使这是一个特别方便的公园,适合带有小孩子的妈妈和拖车的很多玩具。

当天租一下皮划艇,sup或船,前往VIP Marina或湖滨码头。

4. Johnson City

Pedereres瀑布州立公园| Photo by Tarlie Harris

Pedereres瀑布州立公园是德克萨斯山国家的宝石。The area around the falls is a no swimming zone, but the rock jumping/climbing is great for all ages.

The river is much narrower at the swimming area, but the water flows cool, clear, and just swift enough to entertain amateur dam builders.

即使你没有心情弄湿,Johnson City也是一个值得为家庭的一日游。它有一个微小但可爱的市中心,有一些古董购物,啤酒厂和一个科学博物馆。好像那是不够的,孩子们会爱上市中心北部的异国情调的动物园。

山国家科学厂has poison dart frogs, tortoises, a huge robotic hand, a labyrinth, a ball machine, and more.异国情调的度假村动物园offers a drive-through safari or a guided tram ride through the property to get up close and personal with zebras, camels, buffalo, and more.

5. Georgetown

内部空间洞穴|照片由Flickr / Lars Plougmann

Stalactites, stalagmites, oh my! Even if you are never going to remember which one is which, go just to experience the eerie echoes of the calm, quiet darkness ofInner Space Caverns。此外,孩子友好的旅行总是在夏天击败热量的好方法。

乔治城市中心为迷人的维多利亚镇广场而闻名用餐厅点缀,包括一个比萨饼店,儿童玩具和书店,Palace Theatre, and a splash pad.

It’s an easy walk from the square toBlue Hole Park,您可以在圣加布里埃尔河畅游,或沿着海岸线享受景区漫步。

Note: this is different from Blue Hole Regional Park in Wimberly, which is also a great swimming hole near Austin.

6. Waco.

Waco is a great place to spend the day
Cameron Park Zoo | Photo by Flickr/Karen

在Magnolia桌上的Jo's Buttermilk Biscuits开始右边的一天。这些饼干的美味不容夸大。所以是的,当你实际上可以预订时,这一天的旅行计划(步行不会与孩子剪辑)。在你的肚子满满之后,你会准备好暴风雨服用Waco。

奇怪的是,你必须去Waco或San Antonio,获得靠近奥斯汀的升高的动物园经验。TheCameron Park Zooin Waco is a perfect small zoo, covering 50+ acres of Cameron Park.Don’t miss the Brazos River Exhibit, showcasing the native species of Texas rivers.

TheWaco Mammoth国家纪念碑证明了动物园的僵硬竞争。参观20世纪70年代后期发现的猛犸象群岛的实际网站你的小孩可以沿途赢得他们的初级游侠徽章。

这两个景点只是抓住Waco与孩子们在Waco拍摄的东西。If you decide to make a weekend of it, check out our在Waco包括玉兰市场的景点有关详细信息。


河道公园|照片由Boenne CVB

Boerne拥有一条落后的系统,沿着历史悠久的市中心沿着Cibolo Creek海岸编织。The trails make for a beautiful family walk on a spring day, while never venturing too far away from civilization (i.e. snacks and bathrooms at the Bear Moon Bakery Café).

Along the way, keep your eyes peeled for a giant chameleon, dragonfly, and more as part of the city’sArt Al Fresco倡议。

Finish up the day’s adventures atThe Tejas Rodeo and Steakhouse Saloonfor a family friendly dinner and show. The rodeo takes place about 30 minutes outside of Boerne every Saturday evening March through November.


圣安东尼奥河步行|照片由Tarlie Harris

It’s going to be very hard to choose just one of our在圣安东尼奥与孩子们的十大令人敬畏的事情持续一日游,但有可能。The San Antonio River Walk is the city’s signature attraction.每个人都应该至少漫步到San Antonio River的城市化边缘,至少一次。

但是,如果你想冒险冒险一点点(并秘密行动隐姓埋名日),请访问The Institute of Texan Culturesor the布里斯科西部艺术博物馆。Both are highlighted in our圣安东尼奥的历史与文化行程。

9. Blanco State Park

布兰科州立公园| Photo by Tarlie Harris


这里的使命非常简单。把你的漂浮在水中。漂浮或游泳,直到你是修剪。回家一个新的家庭。Make sure to bring floats!游泳中最好的部分是太深的人。

10. The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment

草地中心for Water and the Environment in Texas
春天湖|照片由Flickr / Diann Bayes

The San Marcos Springs are a large cluster of continuously flowing springs providing most of the water for the San Marcos River. The dam built just downstream from these springs formed Spring Lake.草地中心is the research, education, and stewardship institution located at Spring Lake.

The glass bottomed boat tours of Spring Lake will delight everyone in your family.You can actually see the spring water bubbling up from the ground, as well as all of the native flora and fauna, through the crystal clear water.

After the boat tour, stroll through Discovery Hall and the Wetlands Boardwalk. Both are packed with educational exhibits on the local area and conservation efforts.

如果您的孩子超过12岁,您可以进行非常特别的款待!订一个导游浮潜之旅湖to get up close and personal with the endangered species that call the lake home.

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