Trekaroo’s Best Family Dude Ranch Vacations: Kid Friendly Ranch Fun


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Trekaroo has reviewed the best family dude ranch vacations across the country (这是一个艰苦的工作,但必须有人去做!) We are excited to provide you with this handy guide to our favorite ranches and why they are so special as family friendly vacation getaways. Whether you are a novice rider with toddlers in tow, to a galloping thrill seeker with great food and diverse amenities in mind, we’ve got the best family dude ranch vacation for you!

A Guide to Trekaroo’s Best Family Dude Ranch Vacations


Flathead Lake Lodge
Bigfork, Montana
Reviewed by Michelle McCoy

Horseback riding is spectacular through the pine forests in Montana (kids 6 and up), but是什么让这个地方脱颖而出湖畔活动。我的孩子们竞相跳进环岛皮艇;他们勇敢地尝试滑水和水上滑板。帆船,游泳,paddleboarding,钓鱼,多是由所有来宾下午久负。Families will love the freedom to let their kids enjoy a multitude of activitiesand will have lots of fun stories to tell of their adventures in the historic lodge each evening with a view of the sunset over Flathead Lake.

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Greenhorn Creek Ranchranch is perfect for families with young kids.暑假期间,他们提供的小童珊瑚(婴儿至5岁)的小家伙的程序。虽然妈妈,爸爸和哥哥姐姐都已关闭,骑马游,小家伙们玩得正开心的由钓鱼池采取骑小马,做手工艺,抚摸农场动物,玩老式牧场游戏,欣赏美丽的草坪。友好的工作人员使我们3岁的感觉很特别,他几乎错过了我们。新手溪游客牧场是最近的宾馆牧场旧金山湾区。

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家庭牧场Best Family Dude Ranch Vacations 家庭牧场

Get ready to enjoy some amazing food and fun activitiesat家庭牧场,面向对于孩子6岁及以上的家庭。著名的高级山区美食准备好了惊人的上涨,每天骑马游,和放松的水疗护理的客人。儿童辅导员手头上每天帮助孩子有惊人的冒险或给父母一些空闲时间,和家庭的爱的体验!

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Tarryall Ranch Best Family Dude Ranch Vacations Tarryall River Ranch

乔治湖领域的风景是惊人的,骑马很多的乐趣,食物美味。但是,突出最大约Tarryall River Ranch是工作人员的温暖。在这个小型的家庭经营牧场,你觉得你现在是部分大幸福的家庭。从家政,到餐饮服务,牧马人的工作人员,你不会找到一个更友好,真诚,周到的工作人员谁愿意考虑您的各种需求。如果你感到紧张广场跳舞,你会感到亮度在您的步骤中,当那些潇洒的牧场实习生扫描你把你的一只脚。
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Majestic Dude Ranch Best Family Dude Ranch Vacations Majestic Dude Ranch
Reviewed by Ann Anderson

如果你所有打肿脸充胖子,Majestic Dude Ranchmight just be the ideal place to step in to a cowboy role。这个牧场提供了一些密西西比河的最佳争吵西部,以及数以百万计的原始荒野山英亩和边远地区的步道你使唤。在雄伟壮观的度假牧场晚会为家庭设计的,与活动,包括露天电影,排舞,躲避球,踢被campouts,牛仔诗歌和s'mores。雄伟度假牧场也号称是唯一度假牧场它带来了自己的梦想棒球场。

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Vista的佛得角牧场最佳家庭度假牧场度假 Vista Verde Ranch
Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Reviewed by Ann Anderson

Vista Verde Ranch allows families to cowboy up in style while living in the lap of luxury.Accommodations consist of lavish cabins surrounded by awe inspiring views of the Rocky Mountains amidst pastures full of champion quarter horses. Summer activities include biking, rock climbing, and fishing, whereas winter activities include skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding. Vista Verde Ranch is defined by its luxury and personal service.谁知道过着牛仔的生命可以如此纵容?

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Lost Valley Ranch Best Family Dude Ranch Vacations Lost Valley Ranch

Parents who grew up vacationing atLost Valley Ranchare now bringing their own children for an annual week of wholesome Rocky Mountain fun.Kids ages 6 and up take trail rides twice daily, tell ghost stories inside caves, go on scavenger hunts, have egg tosses on the lawn, play in the creek, splash in the pool, and eat way too much ice cream all while having the time of their young lives.Our time at Lost Valley Ranch was our best family vacation to dateand not a week goes by without my kids asking “Mom, when are we going back to the ranch?”

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Solvang, California

在圣伊内斯山藏着,我们发现不是一个花花公子牧场,但与马豪华度假胜地。同Alisal‘s wide-open land and unspoiled nature this was a bit of heaven on earth. Children can participate in activities like swimming, arts and crafts, a playground, badminton, and the spa, all located on the impeccable grounds. Head up to the lake and enjoy fishing, paddle boats, or sailing or to the golf coarse for 18 holes. Make sure to schedule your visit to include the Breakfast Ride to enjoy what some say are the “best pancakes they have ever had.”

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白马牧场最佳家庭度假牧场度假 White Stallion Guest Ranch
Reviewed by Michelle McCoy
White Stallion Guest Ranchguest ranch is perfect for families to enjoy activities together.There are many options for horseback riding for kids 5 and up including slow rides, fast rides, and breakfast cookout rides. The desert summer sun makes off-peak travel a major perk although plenty of other activities including a swimming pool will give families the chance to have fun together whether it is a cool winter day or a hot summer afternoon. Bonus: Kids five and under are free!

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兰牧场最佳家庭度假牧场度假 Rankin Ranch
Reviewed by Kristine Dworkin
Be as cowboy as you want to be!!You are in charge of your experience atRankin Ranch! Whether you take advantage of the two ride times offered each day or relax by the pool is up to you. You can ride with your kids or an all adult group, there is a great kids’ program to keep the youngsters busy. There is also fishing, archery, and scheduled activities such as games, the Rankin Olympics, evening patio parties, and a nightly after dinner walk to feed the farm animals. Try everything, do nothing, it’s up to you.The hospitality at this ranch is tremendous!
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Lone Mountain Ranch Best Family Dude Ranch Vacations Lone Mountain Ranch

Lone Mountain Ranch is open year round, welcoming families in the summer for horseback riding and in the winter for cross-country skiing. The setting of the Ranch is what I imagine Heaven to be like.While the fly fishing and white water rafting is renowned, it is the exceptional outdoor youth program that caught our attention。Your tweens & teens won’t just be playing cowboy and cowgirl; they’ll love the high ropes course, archery, backcountry survival and animal tracking workshops…the fun seems endless.

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我们的朋友Top 50 Ranches, the leading resource for ranch vacations, recommend these excellent family-friendly ranches:

Sugar & Spice Best Family Dude Ranch Vacations 将糖和香料牧场
Bandera, Texas

女牛仔和他们的妈妈一个难忘的一周会花一起学习培训,铲球,饲料和骑马在得克萨斯州一个农场。The bonding of moms and daughters is fostered through the enjoyment of taking care of horses and swimming together.女牛仔,和牛仔也被邀请通过怀俄明的美丽的开放空间骑开放范围与雷小姐一个星期的假期,你不会忘记。

萨帕塔度假牧场风光 Zapata Ranch

大多数客人牧场博设置tiful location, but您将在桑格雷德克克里斯托山脉在科罗拉多州的壮丽景色赞叹不已你加入这个大自然保护协会的农场主。Guests are invited to ride through and learn about a conservation herd of 2,000 bison, integrate themselves into daily life on the ranch, participate in extensive nature programs, as well as enjoying fly-fishing and white water rafting.

埃尔克山Ranch Best Family Dude Ranch Vacations 埃尔克山Ranch

Families will experience a one-week冒险在的心脏此科罗拉多牧场集“科罗拉多的白水资本。”Each day holds fun activities including horseback riding, white water rafting, fishing, and supervised activities for kids. It’s a family-oriented guest ranch that everyone will love.



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