Hiking in Alaska with Kids


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Hiking in Alaska with kids is less daunting than one might think. While the 49th state indeed possesses a large number of rugged trails far into the back country, plenty of opportunities exist for the casual family and hiking group wishing to sample a bit of outdoor recreation, northern-style. Our crew frequently throws walking sticks, bear spray, and the dog into the family truckster and rumbles off to choice trekking that only seems a world away. Visitors, too, can escape the often frenetic pace of family vacations by wandering along a stream, meadow, or mountain trail. A wonderful way to preview family-friendly hikes is via the four阿拉斯加公共土地信息中心located in frequently-visited Alaskan cities. Along with park passes and maps, helpful staff will guide a family to the most appropriate hike for everyone’s ability level. Here are some of our favorites.

Hiking in Alaska with Kids: Southcentral

Campbell Creek科学中心 - 徒步旅行与阿拉斯加的孩子

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安克雷奇,该州最大的城市,以及一流的妈妈和爸爸在赛道到达赛道,SouthCentral Region提供徒步旅行的机会,不需要几个小时的驾驶。尝试美丽的Campbell Creek Scient Centre,以便在锚地的锚地边缘,维持良好的小径,支持慢跑婴儿推车和小腿。从中心的主要停车场开始,在办公室附近,沿着宁静的坎贝尔克里克徒步旅行,或者通过驼鹿赛道返回Elmore Road的路程。鸟类,驼鹿和偶尔的熊都是经验的一部分,美丽的野花和深云杉树。

如果你想爬得更高,请驾驶到北极谷east of Anchorage along the Glenn Highway, where stunning views of town and nearby mountains provide plenty of eye candy, not to mention tranquil meadows that beg for Sound of Music moments. A favorite spot for late-summer berry picking, Arctic Valley is alpine hiking at its finest, with trails weaving around and up ski runs managed by the Anchorage Ski Club. Hike for an hour or a whole day in this mountainous marvel, but bring water and snacks as there are no nearby outlets for either. Bug spray helps, too, as black flies can appear on a warm day and make for miserable walking. Park in the lot for a $5 State Park fee or along the dusty gravel road below for free.



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夏天(通常)和美丽的景观,其中一个人可以看到阿拉斯加的北方国家的辉煌Fairbanksarea provides families a ton of hiking opportunities. For an easy 2-mile loop right in town, try奶精的领域near College Road, home to a healthy population of migrating birds and local wildlife. Winding through the beautiful fields of this former dairy farm, the trail takes hikers through a pastoral scene and through a spruce and birch forest teeming with flora and fauna. Kids will enjoy the interpretive signs and honks of resident geese and squawks of visiting Sandhill Cranes in late summer, and their regular family-friendly interpretive programs.

Along the Chena Hot Springs Road lies theAngel Rockstrail, a beautiful hike leading one through dense forestland and into the massive Angel Rocks area, with plenty of interesting sights for the kiddos. At 3.5 miles round-trip, this hike is easy for most families and remains a stellar favorite among travelers for its varying viewpoints and amazing landscape. Find the trailhead at Milepost 48.9 of the Chena Hot Springs Road, and don’t forget a picnic either before or after at lovely grounds along the river banks. Hiking in Alaska with kids can really be fun and easy.

Looking to spend a whole vacation in the Fairbanks area? Check out these tips on how to have family fun in Alaska’s interior.


Hiking with kids in Alaska

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向南向南,大多数游客占据第49州的第一次瞥见坐在朱诺的首席城市,山上从海上崛起,那里定位徒步旅行迹那么像踩下游轮或渡轮一样简单。在juneau on juneau的简单方法是通过罗伯茨山历史悠久的电车昆明威斯科斯·罗伯茨山顶,从而节省了徒步旅行的能量。在下雨天可以是一个湿滑的徒步旅行,但如果用适当的鞋类和服装准备,罗伯茨山也可以证明是阿拉斯加任何东南地区的亮点,并非常值得门票价格到顶部(儿童6和虽然是免费的,但是)。

Mighty梅登霍尔冰川有自己的轨迹系统,允许距离城镇约12英里的冰。从停车场的北端乘坐冰碛生态径,调查对景观的冰川效应。年轻的森林,老森林和之间的一切都是从1.5英里的踪迹中看到的。此外,还要参观Mendenhall Glacier游客中心,享受令人难以置信的冰川和来自游侠的一些伟大的解释信息。


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